Collectively in excess of 50 years of Horticultural experience.

Grade 11 listed Aylesford property now under professional care. 

"We are very happy with our new bank (and retaining wall). I must say Tim was an absolute star, bearing in mind the weather that was thrown at him". 

4 high end Care homes retained in hand in North Kent.

20 acre Residential Estate retained after a retender.

Newly released 40 unit Residential development taken in hand in Rye.


New build high spec 101 bed care home in Kent taken in hand

Welcome to City Escapes - your garden and grounds solution provider.           

Professional, experienced and qualified providers of Trading Standards approved Garden Construction and Maintenance services in Sussex and Kent.

City Escapes specialise in bespoke professional gardening services and the  construction of individual gardens small or large.      

Services offered:     

  • Scheduled regular Garden and Grounds/Estates Maintenance around private houses and estates, Retirement villages and Nursing care units.
  • Garden Construction; Brickwork. Paving. Fencing. Living screens. Water features. Garden structures.
  • Garden Design
  • Large or small one-off garden works
  • Tree and hedging works
  • Full turf care, management, disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Soil analysis and Problem area solutions
  • Approved pesticide/herbicides operators. INCLUDING the control of Box blight
  • Bowling Green and Cricket wicket spraying
  • Flail mowing of meadows, woodland rides, pony paddocks, Rights of way, bridle and footpaths.
  • Large lawn cylinder mowing, playing fields and village greens with 8ft cut cylinder mowers. 
  • Timer controlled drip irrigation systems.
  • Decorated Christmas Trees and Festive displays
  • Snow Clearance.
  • Wildflower area maintenance
  • Habitat enhancement and management. Wildlife fencing, newt barriers, hiburnaculi


All Our Staff are:

  • DBS Checked.
  • Uniformed.
  • Well trained, capable gardeners. RHS certificated.
  • Reliable and capable

Seasonal Advice from City Escapes

Aide Memoire for your garden in April and May  


Hopefully all your spring bulbs are coming into flower now.                               

  • Periodic watering of containerised plants to continue as they really do not catch that much rain. Just because it rains do not be fooled into thinking you are off the hook. If your containers dry out so much the peat contracts try adding a little Fairy Liquid to the water to help rewetting.
  • Remove all dead leaves and dead flower heads from all bedding plants at least weekly to encourage more flowers and prevent rotting especially of Cyclamen.
  • Get them pesky while you can to avoid a rampant flush in spring. Weed, weed, weed and more weeding cultivating the soil to about 2" as you go removing as many weed roots as possible. Remember the old adage "one years seed seven years weed". So true. Hoeing in winter is pointless as in all likelihood they will just regrow due to damp weather and damp ground.
  • Apply compost, mushroom compost or greenwaste wherever possible to increase moisture retention for the summer. Greenwaste compost is ideal. 
  • Climbers. Tie in any remaining flexible growth. Prune out old weak growth to regenerate.
  • Feed beds and borders especially roses. Ideally scatter, cultivate in gently then mulch over.
  • Lift and divide perennials discarding the older parts whilst retaining the younger outer section.  
  • Lift and shift poorly placed shrubs. Reduce by 30% topgrowth to help rebalance the proportions of root to leaf. 
  • Plant rootballed and bare root stock when the ground is suitable ie neither frozen nor waterlogged.
  • Hellebores need the old leaves removing at ground level to better display their beautiful flowers.
  • Get the pea sticks ready for garden peas and border perennials that need support.
  • Finish clipping or combing through ornamental grasses in May. Most just need a comb through to remove dead leaves though most enjoy a haircut. Look for weeds left under their canopies especially those of weed grasses such as Couch and AMG. A professional gardener should easily be able to spot these.  


  • Heat only as required to maintain a required temperature necessary to ensure survival rather than growth. Plants enjoy a sleep.
  • Ventilate to regulate temperature on warmer days.
  • Bring in seed sowing compost in preparation for sowing.
  • Disinfect old seed trays and pots using Jeyes.
  • Look for cuttings to be taken from over wintered Dahlias. If increasing stock is not required pinch out the growing tips to leave four leaves and encourage branching out. 
  • Plant out Sweet Peas in May, Dahlias in June.



  • Prune back Wisteria side shoots to 2 or 3 or so buds to leave a short spur which should bear flowers. Tie back to wires  any useful growth to increase coverage. 
  • Finish pruning Roses whether they be shrub, bush, groundcover, rambler or Climber Except for Rosa Banksiae which is generally thornless, semi evergreen and only flowers on the previous years growth. Not many people know that!!  
  • Clip off with shears or secateurs the old flower heads of plants such as Heathers that flowered just before Christmas.
  • Trim up Yew hedges.
  • Cut back ivy and other self supporting climbers from windows, doors, gutters etc. Aim for one brick length horizontally and 3 courses vertically. Ivy and Virginia Creeper will mark your newly painted window frames so do not allow it to get a grip. Wisteria will snap gutter down pipes whether cast iron or plastic.
  • Hydrangeas of the Mophead and Lace cap varieties should now be pruned. Oldest stems down to the lowest pair of buds, younger stems to the first pair of buds. Ideally, reduce oldest wood by a third. 
  • Yew hedges can be clipped any time of year whilst winter is generally best avoided for Leylandii.
  • Climbers. Tie in any remaining flexible growth. Prune out old weak growth to regenerate.
  • Tidy up scruffy Ornamental grasses as required using secateurs or a hedgecutter.
  • Look for reverted (all green) growth in evergreens such as Eleagnus and Euonymous and prune out to prevent loosing the variegated colour that the plant was probably purchased   


  • Treat lawns for weeds and moss as weather conditions allow, at least +5c.  Ask anyone you consider engaging to apply pesticides to produce their Certificate of Competence which now must be held by any person applying "professional" grade pesticides.
  • Reinstate lawn edges by carefully lifting the section of turf and turning it around. Often damaged by the hare em and scare em "gardeners" using strimmers for edging borders.  
  • Aerate lawns either using a motorised spiker or fork to alleviate compaction and improve drainage and air ingress. Yes roots breathe!
  • Watch for Red Thread disease attacking your lawn. Red Thread is an airborne disease that attacks grass primarily on less fertile soils or freshly laid turf. Easily identifiable by pinkish red threads with small brown patches of dead grass. More of an aesthetic issue as grass generally recovers. Indicative of a low fertility soil so organise a feed in autumn and spring.

    If you need assistance or advice in your garden RING Damian on 01435 868211 or please use the contacts page .

    Latest Projects

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    Domestic - What we can do for you

    Services provided from Burwash, East Sussex and Canterbury, Kent. Our range of works is extensive within the domestic sector but encompasses:


    • Garden maintenance services in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Garden size is not important. Regularity,reliability and skill is what we offer.
    • Landscaping of either whole or parts of gardens throughout Kent and Sussex.
    • Small one off garden works of as little as a man day.
    • Lawn Specialists fully equipped to attend to the needs of lawns throughout Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Sussex
    • Hard Landscaping - Decking, paving, walls, paths and fencing throughout Kent and Sussex.
    • Soft Landscaping - Plants, lawns, hedges and trees
    • Tree felling, reduction and assessment

    Commercial - What we can do for you

    Services provided from depots in East Sussex and Kent covering Sussex, Kent and London. Our range of works is extensive within the commercial sector but encompasses the following areas:


    • Residential blocks in Chelsea, Finchley,Docklands, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone 
    • Residential care units in Kent and Sussex.
    • Retirement villages in East Sussex
    • Car dealerships in Maidstone, Gillingham and Ashford
    • Hotels in East Sussex
    • Pubs in Sussex           
    • Industrial estates in Greenwich and Tonbridge
    • Cemeteries, grave yards  and War Memorials throughout the South East and London